Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kannada Lessons : DP : How do you give directions

If someone asks you for directions, how do you respond?

E: Sir, could you please help me in finding this address?
K: sir, ee address huDukuvudakke sahaya maDutteera?
Translation (sir – this address – to search – help – will you do)

E: Yes. Please go straight ahead on this road.
K: hu. Heege ide rasteli seeda hOgi.
Translation (yes – like this – on this road – straight - go)

E: Turn right where you see the ABC Hospital.
K: ABC aaspatre baLi balakke tirugi.
Translation (ABC hospital – near – right – you turn)

E: Turn left at 4th cross.
K: 4ne aDDa rasteli eDakke tirugi.
Translation (4th cross road – left – you turn)

E: Go straight for a furlong, you would find the house to your right.
K: ondu furlong seeda hOgi, mane balagaDe kaaNutte.
Translation (one furlong straight – go- house – right side – you will see)

E: Also there is a bus stop in front of the house.
K: mane munde ondu bustop ide
Translation (house – in front – one – bus stop - there)

E: Thanks for your help.
K: sahaya maDiddakke dhanyavaada.
Translation (help – you have done - thanks)

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