Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kannada Lessons : DP : Different forms of the verb “hOgu” : meaning - go

Different forms of the verb “hOgu” : meaning - go
Rama nenne Mysooriige hodanu. (hodaLu in case of a girl)
 Rama - yesterday – Mysooru - went
[Rama went to Mysooru yesterday]

Rama naLe ChamunDige hoguttaane. (hoguttaaLe in case of a girl)
 Rama - tomorrow – ChamunDi - will go
[Rama will go to Chamundi tomorrow]

neenu kare maadidaga Rama angaDige hogiddanu. (hogiddaLu in case of a girl)
 You – call – made - Rama - shop – had gone
[Rama had gone to a shop when you called]

llinda seeda hogu. (hogi with respect and also plural)
 From here - straight – go
[Go straight from here]

modalu, naLe manege hogi amele cinemage hogu.
 first - tomorrow – house - go and – later – cinema – go
[Go home first and tthen go to the cinema]

naLe program~ge hOgade iddare akka bayyuttare.
 tomorrow – program - if you dont go – sister – will scold
[If you don’t go to the program tomorrow, sister will scold you]

Rama ivattu devasthanakke hOgutteeya?
 Rama - today – temple - will you go
[Rama will you go to the temple today]

naanu US~ge hOguvudilla (hOgalla).
 I - US – will not go
[I will not go to US]

neenu devasthanakke hOdare prasaada sigutte.
 you - temple – if you go - prasaada – you will get
[If you go to the temple, you will get prasaada]

Mysoreige hOguttiddaga, apaghaata ayitu.
 Mysore - while going – accident - happened
[While I was going to Mysore, there was an accident]

Neenu manege hOguvudaadare naanu barteeni.
 you - house – in case you are going - I – will come
[In case you are going home, I will come along]

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