Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kannada Lessons : DP : Different forms of the verb “tinnu” : meaning - eat

Different forms of the verb “tinnu” : meaning - eat
naanu nenne uppiTTu tinde.
 I - yesterday – uppiTTu - ate
[I ate uppiTTu yesterday]

Rama naLe Janapada lOkadalli roTTi tinnuttaane. (tinnuttaaLe in case of a girl)
 Rama - tomorrow – in Janapada Loka - roTTi - will eat
[Rama will eat roTTi in Janapada lOka tomorrow]

hOda tingaLu alle dose tindiddanu. (tindiddaLu in case of a girl)
 last – month– - there itself - dose – had eaten
[last month, he had eaten dose there itself]

Jasti haNNu tinnu. (tinni with respect and also plural)
 more - fruit – eat
[Eat more fruits]

haNNu tinnade iddare (tinde iddare) rOga barutte.
 Fruit – if not eaten – disease – will come
[If you don’t eat fruits, you will get diseases]

ooTakke roTTi tinnutteeya? (tinnuteera with respect/plural)
 For lunch - roTTi – will you eat
[Will you eat roTTi for lunch]

naanu tomato tinnuvudilla (tinnalla).
 I - tomato – will not go
[I will not eat tomato]

neenu sebu tindare, naanu kittaLe tinnutteeni (tintini).
 you - apple – eat - I – orange – will eat
[If you eat apple, I will eat orange]

baLe haNNu tinnuttiddaga, sippe keLage bittu.
 Banana – fruit – while eating – peel – down - fell
[While I was eating a banana, the peel fell down]

Neenu hagalakayi tinnuvudaadare chocolate koDstini.
 you - bitter gourd – if you eat – chocolate – will give.
[If you eat bitter gourd, I will buy you a chocolate]

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